Monday, May 17, 2010


I miss my Mommy. 

The silly woman ran off to the South of all places to do a nasty job that needed to be done for a good friend...
but, that's the sort of person she is, if you need her, she is always there.

She's the kind of lady you can count on. 

She's a fabulous writer (I've tried to convince her to write a book... *hint* *hint*), which is also the reason she has not read my novel. I want it to be good when she does.

She makes nummy food.

She likes weird  Country music.

She loves Jesus, she loves my Daddy soooo much, she loves my brother, and she loves me-even though I's a goober.

She manages to get so much stuff done, it's ridiculous. I'm beginning to appreciate this more and more as I've done part of her job for the past few days. What with our house-cleaning, Grandpa's house-cleaning, hanging out with Grandpa, feeding people, etc... it's a lot of work.....speaking of work, I must work on my composition tomorrow... must.

Anywho, that's not all she does, either. She plans my graduation, works part time, and makes it look a lot simpler than it really is.

So, Mommy, I'm sorry for the times I've taken you for granted. You are a great Mom and I love you!

I hope everything goes well for you! Goodnight!... It's gonna be a long ten days.... but at the end, there will be Dutch Bros.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Peter Pan

Well, well... it has been quite some time since I filled up a computer screen with massive amounts of useless drivel as I am about to do. I suppose I should play catch-up for a moment or two.

1. In November, I wrote a novel. It is 50,171 words long... and is still prodding at my mind, waiting for much needed revision. But I've got ideas circulating...

2. I went to Colorado and also lost my great-grandmother, Omi.

3. My brother started college!

4. I found out that many of the people I once called friends are really just phony jerks. Then I found out that when old friends fail, God sends you new ones.

5. I finished the Rhondo ala Turca... huzzah!

6. Many other things have happened...but I won't bore you with unnecessary details.

As of now, I've a great many things going on:

1. I'm learning to drive and thus far both my parents are still alive...though there were a few close calls...

2. In June, I am graduating... oi. Is it just me, or is it that whenever you get used to something and like your life... something comes along to change it and stress you out?

3. I'm going to need to figure out summer plans...

4. And college awaits me in the fall.

I have therefore made what I believe to be a brilliant decision: I shall turn myself into the girl version of Peter Pan and never grow up..., let's see... that was first star on the right and straight on 'til morning!