Saturday, October 17, 2009


You know those times? The ones where things have finally seemed to have just barely rectified themselves between you and another and then WHAM! It happens. You open your mouth and say something stupid. Something out of place. Something that sounds really... really bad.

That was Thursday.

And then, you know how you try to fix it? You send an e-mail full of light-hearted apologies and compliments... and you wait.

...and wait.

...and wait.

...and nothing happens. No response. No acceptance. Not even a comment on your facebook status. Nothing.

All night... all day... and I've given up on tonight as well...

Yeah... so you know those times? Well, in case you don't, they suck. They're sucky. As Mom would say, "They suck eggs!"

Now, don't take this the wrong way... I'm not heartbroken over it or anything.

Just... disappointed in my friend and myself.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Adorable Things

Things I Adore (inspired by Mom over at More Than Just a Mom)

1. God and my family!

2. Fall... it's so pretty; brightly colored leaves, cool crisp air, pure rain coming down, a steady wind blowing... happiness!

3. Coffee. Coffee good.

4. Peanut M&M's... which I have new supply of (thank you Mom)!

5. Books... they just seem to go very nicely with fall, coffee and peanut M&M's.

6. Playing the piano! But allow me to specify: Rhondo ala Turca-- BAD Scarlet Pimpernel music from Broadway--GOOD

7. Drop Dead Diva!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So... today I was reminded via an old assignment sheet that I have been learning the Rhondo Ala Turca (by Mozart) for at least a year.
Yep. Seriously. The date on the sheet was April 2008. And I'm still working on it.
I know a big part of the problem is that I don't practice enough... but honestly!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So Many Books and So Little Time

I love to read. Reading is one of the most amazing things ever... there are so many good books that I would love to read!

I just have a tiny little problem... sticking with just one or two books at a time.

Right now, I'm trying to read:

1. Anna Karenina -Leo Tolstoy

2. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring- J.R.R. Tolkein

3. Macbeth- William Shakespeare

4. The Castle of Llyr- Lloyd Alexander

5. ... and I'd really love to pick up The Screwtape Letters- C.S. Lewis

6. And I'm at a stopping point halfway through The H.M.S. Surprise- Patrick O'Brian

So... I'm going to make myself finish them... and hopefully soon.

The Castle of Llyr is only with me until Friday... so that one has to be first.

I've been working on Anna Karenina the longest, so she'll be next.

Macbeth after that since I'm very much in a Shakespeare mood.

Lord of the Rings after that to please Emily... and maybe while I work on that I can do Screwtape Letters.....

And to top it all off, after that, I want to read Inkheart. :-)

Well, there you go. My weird homeschooler self in all her bookishness.