Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Loony Luna

   Once again, spontaneity has played a leading role in a decision for me. I was going to a costume party dressed as Luna Lovegood, from Harry Potter. You know, this one:

   The one who always wears very quirky clothes, like this:

   "It's going to be so fun!" squealed the Optimist.

   "Pull yourself together. It's a costume, for pity's sake," retorted the Pessimist, who was selecting a very drab, ordinary outfit for the day.

   "No, no, no," said the Optimist, "You're not wearing that. We need to be quirky, you know. We'll get some funky clothes, and hair dye, and--"

   "Hair dye!?" the Pessimist shrieked, pulling a hat onto her head protectively, "No way!"

   "Relax. It's temporary."

   The Pessimist muttered to herself as she shuffled off to pull her hair back in a very ordinary way. 


   "You promised it would be temporary! Why do I ever trust you?" the Pessimist cried.

   "Well... they didn't have any temporary stuff. But don't worry, it looks nice and it only lasts a couple of months." 

   "I did not agree to this."

   "But it's perfect for the character! Just watch!" 

   .... and with that, the Optimist transformed from this:

   Into this:

 The Pessimist said nothing, eyeing the purple tights with disgust.

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